The Intrepid Deanery database is used to support the Postgraduate Dean for Wales who has responsibility for your training. All training grade posts are recorded on the Deanery database (from Foundation to ST7). These number about 3000 posts.

The Postgraduate Dean is the ‘owner’ of the database. The Welsh Government also has an interest. The database is managed within the Wales Deanery by the Intrepid Team. The software is owned and developed by Hicom Technology based in Guildford, Surrey.

The main functions of the database can be summarised as follows:

  • Tracking mechanism for Deanery funding of junior doctor training posts
  • Local (for Deanery/NHS Health Board purposes) and national reports (Welsh Government)
  • Quality Assurance of Training Grade Posts
  • Data Validation Tool
  • Management of Junior Doctor Study Leave by NHS Health Boards
  • Management of records of assessment outcomes for junior doctors
  • Meeting GMC information requirements regarding Educational Supervisors and SAS doctors in Wales and providing an information tool to manage responses to national surveys such as the Trainee Survey and Trainer Survey.
  • Core data on Person/Placement/Posts
  • Equality & Diversity Dashboard Report June 2017 [247KB]

Intrepid Training Videos (Junior Doctors and Consultants)

Intrepid Training Videos (Deanery and NHS Staff)

The Intrepid Training Videos are undergoing an updating process and the links will not work while this is taking place.  We will advise you when these videos  links have been replaced.  The new videos will not be placed on YouTube and will enable all trainees in the  Local Health Boards to access them easily.

The role of the Regional Intrepid Officers (RIO)

Intrepid Team Contacts





James Colhoun

Intrepid Team Manager


Intrepid Contacts

David Pavey

Intrepid Information Officer


Intrepid Contacts

Hilary Cottrell

Intrepid Regional Officer (South East Wales)


Intrepid Contacts

Angharad Davies

Intrepid Regional Officer (Cardiff)


Intrepid Contacts

Dyfrig Davies

Intrepid Regional Officer (West Wales)


Intrepid Contacts

Jennifer Williams

Intrepid Regional Officer (North Wales)


Intrepid Contacts

Sally Phillips

Assistant Information Officer


Intrepid Contacts

Owen Roper

Assistant Information Officer


Intrepid Contacts

Nadex Account Information

Please see here the information leaflet in effect from January 1st 2017 for your Nadex queries


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